Fried shallots are a kind of topping that can be said suitable to put on most of dishes. They introduce a light crispiness to a dish, as well as distinctive oniony flavours. They are crispy, sweet, and salty, they are indispensable.

Category: Ingredients

Product Details

Item Code Item Name Product Size Unit Per Carton Carton Dimension
SAU44 Fried Shallot with Oil 200g 24 450x300x110(mm)
DRY10 Fried Shallots (Plain Bag) 100g 150 440x285x455(mm)
DRY13 Fried Shallots (Glass Bottle) 100g 24 470x310x130(mm)
DRY14 Fried Shallots (Plastic Bottle) 360g 24 440x285x415(mm)
DRY15 Fried Shallots (Plastic Bottle) 1kg 12 440x285x415(mm)
DRY15A Fried Shallots (Plain Bag) 1kg 15 440x285x455(mm)
DRY22 Fried Shallots (Plastic Bottle) 70g 24 320x250x180(mm)
DRY27 Fried Shallots  200g 75 440x285x455(mm)
DRY28 100% Fried Shallots 100g 150 440x285x455(mm)
DRY30 100% Fried Shallots 500g 30 440x285x455(mm)

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