PESTA ® Flavoured Carbonated Drink (1.25L)

This range of product is daily fun drink which targeted to the medium and lower class Malay consumers due to the affordable price. This range of product has their individual taste on their own, which gives the consumers more choices.

Category: Beverages

Product Details

Packaging material Packaging per ctn Weight per ctn Dimension per ctn
PET bottle 1.25L x 12 bottles 16.5 kg 351 x 264 x302 mm

Quantity 20ft container Beverage type Shelf life No. offlavours
1001 ctn Ready to drink 15 months 10

Available flavours
Cola, Cream Soda, Grape, Isotonic, Lemon, Orange, Root Beer, Sarsi, Strawberry, Tutti fruiti

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