PESTA ® Cordial (2L)

This product is suitable for consumption by the general population, targeting Malay families. It is also a popular choice for food services. Fruit cordial may contains approximately 25 of juice. While flavoured cordial including Rose, Root Beer and Sarsi, are not of fruit origin, hence do not contain any juice.

Directions : Dilute 1 part of fruit cordial with 4 5 parts of water or according to individual preference.

Category: Beverages

Product Details

Packaging material Packaging per ctn Weight per ctn Dimension per ctn
PET bottle 2L x 6 bottles 14.3 kg 279 x 270 x 299 mm

Quantity 20ft container Beverage type Shelf life No. offlavours
1243 ctn Mixed to drink 24 months 10

Available flavours
Barley, Grape, Lychee, Mandarin Orange, Mango, Mixed Fruit, Orange, Rose, Sarsi, Strawberry

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