ALOR Fruit Cream Wafer

Snacking provides emotional comfort to individuals. With the increase of health consciousness has led many to looking for healthy ingredients and snack options.  Anyhow this is not purely about nutrition, but indulgent flavours and freedom to snack happily. Pair desire to comfort and enjoyment with a healthy lifestyle.  Tasty treat that deliver great flavour in every bite. Perfectly flavourful and healthy snack choice that made using freeze dried technology. Tropical fruit cream made 100% from the real fruits. The fruits cream that preserve the real taste, aroma, sweetness and nutrients of the original fruits. It adds favour in wafer. 

Category: Sweets & Snacks

Product Details

Net Weight Flavours
80g Coconut, durian, pineapple, strawberry, mangosteen, mango, rambutan, banana, jackfruit

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