SEABREW Japanese Dumpling (Prawn Fillings)

Versatile and Convenient: Whether you’re an experienced chef or a cooking enthusiast, our frozen gyoza offers a hassle-free solution for a quick, yet impressive meal. With its simple cooking instructions, you can easily enjoy gourmet-quality dumplings in the comfort of your own home. Pan-fry, steam, or boil – the choice is yours, and the result will always be outstanding.

High-Quality Ingredients: We prioritize the use of top-notch ingredients without any artificial additives or preservatives. Encased in a thin, delicate wrapper, our gyoza boasts a perfect balance of softness and crispiness when cooked to perfection.

Easy and Quick Preparation: We understand the importance of convenience in today's fast-paced lifestyle. Our frozen gyoza is designed to provide a hassle-free cooking experience. Simply follow our easy-to-use cooking instructions, and you'll have a flavorful and satisfying meal on the table in no time.

Category: Ready to Cook

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