ALOR Freeze Dried Fruits

Fruits are very nutritious and contain lots of fiber and antioxidants. Instead of taking the time washing, peeling and slicing the fruits , now with our Freeze Dried Technology process, everyone can enjoy eating fruits neatly and easy out from a bag anywhere at any season.  Freeze dried fruits, a convenient way to enjoy snacks the healthy way. Freeze dried fruit preserves the fruits exactly as it is only minus the liquids. Freeze-dried fruits are flavourful without changing their appearance, shape and texture, what’s left are the nutritional profile of the fruits intact, the freeze-drying simply takes out the liquids not the flavour. It’s a trendy way to preserve the fruits as healthy snacks, the fruits taste like before the process of freeze drying. These are all the hassle free fruit’s snack that kinder to your health and easy to get and eat any fruits you desired in a bag.

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Product Details

Net Weight Flavours
50g Apple, dragon fruit, pineapple, mulberry, dates, mango, mangosteen, strawberry, durian, jackfruit, banana, rambutan, corn

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