RASAKU Coconut Cream Powder – Dairy Free 25kg

Coconut Cream Powder is made from spray-drying of fresh coconut cream. The process is fairly similar to the process of converting cow’s milk into dry powder form. RASAKU coconut cream powder carries the natural coconut taste and aroma. Coconut cream powder is widely used in food industries and in domestic kitchens. It is ideal for cakes, pastries, confectioneries, sauces, beverages, ice cream, snacks, and a multitude of culinary delights. It is also a perfect alternative to animal milk, for those who prefer a vegan diet.

RASAKU Coconut Cream Powder is hygienically packed in food grade materials to lock in the full flavour and aroma. This form of packaging is excellent and has a product shelf life of up to 24 months. It comes in various sizes; 50g, 150g, 300g and 1kg.

RASAKU Coconut Cream Powder delivers the creamy goodness and aroma of fresh coconut, and is hygienically packed in convenient easy-to-use packs. It is water soluble and perfect for baking and cooking, especially curries and other sauces. It is definitely an ideal choice for chefs who prefer consistency in quality, taste and aroma.

Product Details

Product Name Packaging Carton Dimension (cm) Net/ Gross Weight (per Carton)
RASAKU Coconut Cream Powder – Dairy Free 25kg 25kg carton 370 x 330 x 465mm 25kg/26.60kg

Carton/ 20' FCL Shelf Life
12mt 1 year

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