Pristine Oat Bran has been renowned for its potency in reducing cholesterol, enriching fibre intakes, and as a quick glut meal of the day. It’s cholesterol free and promotes good health to you and your family.

Premium quality oats from Australia. Pristine oats are naturally high in dietary fibre. One type of soluble fibres which oats are popular for is B-Glucan, which helps in the reduction of cholesterol. B-Glucan works by absorbing excess cholesterol and removing it from the body.

Category: Cereals

Product Details

Packing Size Carton Dimension (cm) Net / Gross Weight (per carton) 20 FCL / Carton
24x500g / carton 260mm x 370mm x 330mm 12 / 12.9 kg 700 cartons

40 FCL / Carton Shelf Life
1400 12 months

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