MY BIZCUIT Digestives Raisin Biscuit

Accelerate Your Digestion w/ MY BIZCUIT Digestives Raisin Biscuit Malaysia 

MY BIZCUIT Digestives Raisin Biscuit is made from quality coarse whole-wheat flour, and features a semi-sweet taste. Firm but soft and crumbly in texture, this is definitely not your regular kind of biscuit, but one that eases your indigestion problems. It is also considerably beneficial for your health where it contains certain nutrition, mostly in the form of dietary fiber. 

Besides, MY BIZCUIT Digestives Raisin Biscuit also helps to fill you up better than any other biscuits or cookies. Suppose you crave a mid-morning, afternoon, or bedtime snack that comes with a bit of crunch, opt for this digestive biscuit instead. What matters most is that while being a healthier alternative to many other tidbit options, it is also comparatively delicious. Once you start munching on them, you can never stop. 

Category: Biscuits & Cookies

Product Details

Packaging  Carton Dimension (mm) Net Weight per carton   Gross Weight per carton
250G X 24 Packs 508(L) x 203(W) x 307 (H) 6.0 7.3

Carton / 20'FCL Shelf Life
930 1 year

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