SoFresh Special Occasions Juices

Juices are a great way to celebrate holidays or parties with someone you loved. For the past few years, we have included a wide selection of different types of beverages to help the HORECA community to celebrate occasion such as Ramadhan and open house with their valued guests.
Bandung, Wintermelon, Honeydew, Roselle, Chrysanthemum and Jagung juice drink are amongst the best seller. If you have something in mind and would like to create your themed juices, come talk to us now!

Ramadan - Kurma, Calamansi asam boi, Bandung, Jagung, Wintermelon with Longan, Roselle, Chrysanthemum (Air Bunga), Honeydew;
Chinese New Year - Mandarin Orange Juice;
Christmas - Cranberry.

Category: Beverages

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Packaging Size Certifications
5L Halal, ISO 22000

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