INTAN Lemongrass Lemon

  1. Relieving and refreshing
  2. Reduce gastrointestinal problems and helps promote healthy digestions.
  3. Reduce high systolic blood pressure.
  4. Act as anti-inflammatory properties
  5. Reduce cancer risk by causing cancel cell death without interrupting healthy cells.
  6. Sterilization and halal products.
  • Aseptic packaging material and process
  • High quality of raw materials
  • Convenient to be consume
  • Expiry date within 1 year
  • Store at ambient temperature

Instruction for use: Direct consume at ambient temperature. To have a good feels, can be drink at cold temperature.

Category: Beverages

Product Details

Storage Condition Shelf Life Net Weight Certifications

Store in a dry place

1 year

250ml Halal, MeSTI

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