GREENHILL ® Fruit Drink Base (850ml)

It is a quality product specially developed to cater the demand of consumers who prefer a more nutritious fruit drinks GreenHill ® Fruit Drink Base is processed from juice concentrates and may contain up to 90 of juice. It is fortified with vitamin A, B C and does not contain any artificial sweeteners. Though it is highly concentrated, its direct use in milkshake, ice creams, desserts and etc is not uncommon.

Directions individual : Dilute 1 part of fruit drink base with 7 9 parts of water or according to preference.

Category: Beverages

Product Details

Packaging material Packaging per ctn Weight per ctn Dimension per ctn
PET bottle 850ml x 12 bottles 13.6 kg 321 x 242 x 248 mm

Quantity 20ft container Beverage type Shelf life No. offlavours
1453 ctn Mixed to drink 36 months 9

Available flavours
Blackcurrant, Lychee, Mango, Mixed Fruit, Orange, Pink Guava, Apple, Kiwi, Soursop

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