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Company Description

Rico Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a small-medium enterprise that is based in Kedah, Malaysia. The company was officially established on 23rd of May 1995 and has been serving the market for more than two decades.

Started off as a trader that operates in a semi-detached warehouse with a workforce of not more than 10 members of staff, Rico is now a manufacturing firm driven by approximately 200 employees who ceaselessly strive to serve the company to comply with the market needs.

To date, Rico manufactures products of 6 categories namely (1) hard candy, (2) toy candy, (3) snack and cereal, (4) jelly and pudding, (5) chocolate, and (6) wafer.

Hard candy was the very first product category to be brought into the company’s production line as a candy machine was incorporated in 1998. And so, the manufacturing journey had begun. Time after time, Rico has always been envisioning endless possibilities in the food and beverages industry. Various product development plans had been undertaken over the years in order to penetrate into new market segments, given the market stability and demand at that period of time. After the hard candy line has become mature, it was soon followed by snack and cereal in 2003, jelly and pudding in 2007, chocolate in 2008, and wafer in 2015.

Though, despite the rather wide range of product Rico offers, the company has always been committed to product quality and, on top of all, food safety. All of Rico’s products are certified by Halal. Other certification includes ISO22000, HACCP, GMP, and MeSTI.

Rico not only emphasises on local Malaysian market, but also foreign market in countries in Asia-Pacific, Middle East and et cetera. Local sales are generated through the company’s own sales team and honourable wholesalers and distributors. On the other hand, Rico actively participates in exhibitions around the world in pursuance to expose the brand internationally.

All in all, growth of Rico is unhurried yet steady. That said, the company is constantly looking for opportunities to expand in all aspects with an aim to serve new market that is within boundaries of the company.

Through their active engagement in international food trade exhibitions, Rico Food Industries Sdn Bhd not only expanded their export sales but also successfully established brand awareness on a global scale. Read more about their participation in Thaifex 2024.

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