North Cube Sdn Bhd

Company Description

Established in seafood paradise Tawau, Sabah, in over 500 acres off the Western Pacific Ocean, Northcube is Shrimp producer & exporter who has been nurturing non-pesticidal premium Vannamei prawns since 2009. The fresh, antibiotic-free shrimps are raised in cured marine ponds enriched with the freshwaters of the Celebes Sea.

With 300 staff members working on the farms, Northcube is continuously ensuring the highest quality of its produce, meeting GMP and HAACP standards. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility plans,

Northcube has planned to expand more job opportunities to the locals in Tawau by opening a vocational school for potential farm employees. Northcube is passionate about creating the best environment for all of its stakeholders with its team members at the forefront and the customers at the heart of it all.

Our fresh, antibiotic-free marine shrimps are exported all year round and enjoyed daily on dining tables worldwide. With great emphasis on quality, safety and health, Northcube continues to pride itself in the forefront of the global aquaculture industry today and for years to come.

North Cube Sdn Bhd's Products

  • Northcube Live Frozen Saba-Hae King Prawn Size 25
    Northcube Live Frozen Saba-Hae King Prawn Size 25
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