Kent Kee Food Supplies Sdn Bhd

Company Description

Kent Kee Food Supplies Sdn Bhd is based in Malaysia, with the head office in Semenyih. Their brand, Sumo’s, is becoming a familiar name when snack food comes into mind. Sumo’s stand resolute as an industry leader backed by 20 years of extensive experience and knowledge.

Apart from retail operations, Sumo’s is also a manufacturer of and assembler of its own snack food machines such as the kaya-ball and waffle-cake machine, corn steamer and many more. They are also an exporter of home-grown Sumo’s Super Sweet Frozen Corn.

Sumo’s is currently operating beyond Malaysia, reaching untapped markets including Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Russia and counting.

Through their active engagement in international food trade exhibitions, Kent Kee Food Supplies Sdn Bhd not only expanded their export sales but also successfully established brand awareness on a global scale. Read more about their participation in Thaifex 2024.

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Kent Kee Food Supplies Sdn Bhd's Products

  • Malaysian food and beverage products are high quality and export-ready. The potential is endless – let’s take it global!