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Company Description

Download P.C.I. Professional Canning Industries Sdn Bhd one-page company profile here. In the past few decades, Home Peanut Garden Food Industries Sdn Bhd has processed plenty of nuts, beans and peas products suited to palates of the people in Asia and Middle Eastern countries.

Home Peanut Garden Food Industries Sdn Bhd (Home Peanut Garden ) was established by Mr. Soh Fook Heng and Madam Lu Goon Eng (husband & wife), and started the operation in Jinjang on 28th June 1994.

Today, Home Peanut Garden has developed into a manufacturer with a solid reputation in the nut, bean and pea market. Home Peanut Garden has set up the complete supply chain of nuts beans and peas product, from purchasing fresh raw materials to delivery of finished products. We believe our in-house research and development team is able to enhance our innovative product continuously for our consumers.

Through their active engagement in international food trade exhibitions, Home Peanut Garden Food Industries Sdn Bhd not only expanded their export sales but also successfully established brand awareness on a global scale. Read more about their participation in Thaifex 2024.

Download Home Peanut Garden Food Industries Sdn Bhd one-page company profile here. 

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  • Malaysian food and beverage products are high quality and export-ready. The potential is endless – let’s take it global!