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MBG Welcomes Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) Council Member to MBG office

Monday, 29 March 2021

SHAH ALAM – The Malaysia Business Group (MBG) welcomes the Council Members of the Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) to its office at Linaco Group in Shah Alam on March 29. The visit enables a holistic and clearer understanding of the purpose and function of MBG for the food manufacturers in Malaysia to MRCA. 

The meeting includes an hour-plus presentation about MBG and Linaco Group, followed by a dialogue of discussion about future and potential collaborations between MRCA and MBG. 

The MRCA President, Shirley Tay expresses her heartfelt gratitude and thanks to MBG for offering “Kotak Kebahagiaan”, the food aid to support MRCA’s CSR initiatives.

Linaco extends its factory and warehouse tour for the MRCA Council Members after the meeting.    

President - Shirley Tay, Vice Presidents - Valerie Choo and Ken Phua, Secretariat General - Stan Singh, Council Members, Jordan Ng, Aiveen Wong, Michael Liew, Christine Tan, Seak Thean Pow, Brian Tham, MRCA Assistant General Manager, Simon Wong and MRCA Secretariats, Lee Choo and Liyin are amongst those present. 

The Malaysia Business Group was represented by President, Jimmy Ling, Secretary, Mark Law and Committee, Michael Yap.

Article Reference : Malaysia Business Group (MBG)

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