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Thaifex-Anuga Asia 2024, Bangkok

Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Thaifex-Anuga Asia is Asia’s leading food and beverage trade show, bringing together leading buyers and exhibitors from across the Asia Pacific. The annual trade show is a platform for exhibitors to showcase their products and expand their business into the Thailand and Southeast Asia market.

At Thaifex-Anuga Asia, exhibitors are provided with numerous networking opportunities to connect with F&B experts, buyers, distributors and partners. Show attendees will also be able to explore future food trends at the Thaifex-Anuga Future Food Experience, such as alternative meat proteins, functional and free-from products, halal food, organic products and more. The Future Food Experience will host a series of live demonstrations and workshops to educate attendees and spark thought-provoking dialogues.

The 2024 edition of Thaifex-Anuga Asia is expected to attract over 3,200 exhibitors from 45 countries and 80,000 visitors from 133 countries. The show will feature eleven specialised trade shows, which includes coffee and tea, drinks, fine food, food service, food technology, frozen food, fruits and vegetables, meat, rice, seafood, and sweets and confectionery.

In addition, there will be six special shows that showcases innovative solutions to consumer demands. The shows are Thaifex-Anuga Future Food Market, Thaifex-Anuga Halal Market, Thaifex-Anuga Organic Market, Thaifex-Anuga Startup, Thaifex-Anuga Trend Zone and Thaifex-Anuga tasteInnovation Show.

Thaifex-Anuga Asia 2024 will be held on 28 May to 1 June 2024 at Impact Muang Thong Thani in Bangkok, Thailand. For more information on the show, please visit their website at

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Download MBG Catalogue: MBG Thaifex 2024 Catalogue

Malaysia Business Group Pavilion (Hall 8)

  1. Lian Taat Food Sdn Bhd (8-Z01)
  2. K.L. Kris Food Industries Sdn Bhd (8-Y02)
  3. Spices & Seasonings Specialities Sdn Bhd (8-Z03)
  4. Brilliant Fruit Cordial Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd (8-Y04)
  5. Nims Adeliciousz Sdn Bhd (8-Z05)
  6. Fishergold Food Industries Sdn Bhd (8-Y06)
  7. Hexa Food Sdn Bhd (8-Z07)
  8. Morning Arch Sdn Bhd (8-Y08)
  9. La Fruta Food Industries Sdn Bhd (8-Z09)
  10. Oriion Food Specialties Sdn Bhd (8-Y10)
  11. Linaco Ingredients Sdn Bhd (8-Z11)
  12. AFB Commerce Trading Sdn Bhd (8-Y12 & 8-Y14)
  13. Linaco Food Industries Sdn Bhd (8-Z13)
  14. SKS Food Industries (M) Sdn Bhd (8-Z15 & 8-Z17)
  15. Pagoda Foods (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (8-Y16)
  16. GFB Food Sdn Bhd (8-Y18)
  17. Viki Food Industries Sdn Bhd (8-Z19)
  18. CKT Marketing Sdn Bhd (8-Y20)
  19. Dragon Taste Seafood Export & Import Sdn Bhd (8-Z21)
  20. Dondang Sayang Foods Sdn Bhd (8-Y22)
  21. Kent Kee Food Supplies Sdn Bhd (8-Z23)
  22. Wide Tropism Trading Sdn Bhd (8-Y24)
  23. P.C.I. Professional Canning Industries Sdn Bhd (8-Z25 & 8-Z27)
  24. Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (8-Y26)
  25. Maestro Swiss Industries Sdn Bhd (8-Y28)
  26. Kintry Sdn Bhd (8-Z29)
  27. Grand Target Sdn Bhd (8-Y30)


  1. Nutrifres Food & Beverages Industries Sdn Bhd (1-OO36)
  2. Mark Walker Drinks Sdn Bhd (1-PP51)
  3. Impression Food Industries (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Hall 2, 2-CC23)
  4. Home Peanut Garden Food Industries Sdn Bhd (2-FF22)
  5. Koon Brothers Sdn Bhd (2-FF27)
  6. Fundamental Gains Sdn Bhd (2-Q24)
  7. QL Foods Sdn Bhd (3-K27)
  8. Hernan Corporation Sdn Bhd (3-N15)
  9. Bon Food Industries Sdn Bhd (7-N06)
  10. Rico Food Industries Sdn Bhd (7-N14)
  11. Keko Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd (7-O02)
  12. Erapoly Global Sdn Bhd (7-O06)
  13. Able Perfect Sdn Bhd (Hall 7, 7-O07)
  14. Nam Seng Food Industries Sdn Bhd (7-P01)
  15. Shoon Fatt Trading Sdn Bhd (7-P13)
  16. Serba Wangi Sdn Bhd (7-P15)
  17. The Vida World Sdn Bhd (7-P19)
  18. HYT Food Industries Sdn Bhd (7-P23)
  19. Tastiway Sdn Bhd (7-O15)
  20. C&F Enterprise Sdn Bhd (8-Z35)

MATRADE Bangkok 
Trade Commissioner
Mr. Mohamed Hafiz Md Shariff

Assistant Trade Commissioner
Ms. Shahnurraisa Mohd Zain

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