Eco Bee Biotech Sdn Bhd

Company Description

Eco Bee Shop Sdn Bhd (formerly known as The Bee Shop) established since 2002 by Founder Cathie Tan. In 2023, Eco Bee Shop Sdn Bhd changed the company name to Eco Bee Biotech Sdn Bhd. The Bee Shop as the most supported brand by thousands of local and oversea honey bee's products fans, provides 'Only Pure & Original or 100% Money Back Guaranteed' premium quality honey bee products such as Raw Honey, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, propolis.

We are the first bee farmers that practise Mobile Bee Farming (Eco Bee Farm) in Malaysia, we have more than 2000 native bee hives to produce premium original quality bee related products.

Our bee products are harvested raw and unheated to retain the authentic flavour and taste, directly from wild bushes and rainforest where wild bees live in their natural habitat in Malaysia. The pristine wilderness provides exceptionally rich nutrients and high healing properties. Nature's solution for health, beauty and vitality directly from bee hives that is suitable for everyone.

Eco Bee Biotech Sdn Bhd's Products

  • Malaysian food and beverage products are high quality and export-ready. The potential is endless – let’s take it global!