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Ah Weng Koh is a collective memory and recognized as a pioneer instant beverage Hainan Tea brand in Malaysia.

In 1960s, we started as a then-rather-insignificant hawker stall in Kuala Lumpur and known as Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea (AWK) in 1980s.

The special taste of Ah Weng Koh originated Hainan Tea has gained fame over the years. For decades, consumers persistently patron to our stall as the ritual of their life for our scrumptious taste that soothes.

Following the changing of era and time, Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea is no longer just a good cup of beverage, but a taste of wonderful memories to many of our loyal patrons. Today, we also become an attraction to tourists around the world who travel near and far just to have a taste of this unique local flavor.

Since the launch of The-World-First Hainan Tea Retail Pack in 2018, has marked a new milestone for this 50-year-old establishment, signifying its entrance into a brand-new era of Ah Weng Koh. Ah Weng Koh’s product is not only conveniently available on local offline & online shopping platforms, but also obtainable through e-commerce platforms in Singapore and Hong Kong. The subsequent step for Ah Weng Koh is to continue to expand into B2B & B2C market globally.

We insisted on originality, focusing on the spirit of the founder, meanwhile exploring for the endless opportunities to expand and revolutions. We created a new instant beverage culture, by providing a selection of “Hainan Tea” besides the traditional coffee and tea. Hainan Tea is a familiar taste and has engrained into part of the local’s daily life. It is also a Must buy souvenir that represents the taste of Kuala Lumpur. Ah Weng Koh has garnered the support of many for the past 50 years and we hope to continue engaging the people in future endeavors and making this special taste the pride of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysians. The Authentic Hainan Tea, Inherited Taste Make the World Around.

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