Ninamaju Sdn Bhd

Ninamaju Sdn Bhd

"Ninamaju", a trusted brand of rice producer started its operation since 1981. We are originated from the rice bowl of Malaysia, Kedah. Our strong assurance on food safety and concerning the environment makes us one of the leading rice production companies that feed the whole nation.

Our Mission
Provide Malaysian with safe and healthy food while concerning the environment.

Kedah is located at northern part of Malaysia and always be known as the rice bowl of Malaysia. It contributes about one third of Malaysia's total rice production due to its rich natural assets such as water and fertile lowland.

Ninamaju Sdn Bhd (69300-V) is strategically located in Kedah State of Malaysia. Ninamaju grew from a shop that located in Seberang Jalan Putra, moved to Pumpong (½ acres), and moved again to Mergong (1 acre) in 2002.. Due to increasing demand, we moved again to a new factory (10 acres) in Jitra in 2009, which is larger, modern and environmentally friendly. Our 80,000 square feet warehouse allows us to store sufficient supply of rice products, and enable the development of other business as the leading agent though our distribution network to the existing customer, especially for those from northern region.

Ninamaju involves in producing high quality rice and processing them with high-tech machinery to meet the daily food demands of the public. Our quality started from selection in rice planting. In the field, Ninamaju conducted R & D of best agricultural practice on how to plant, nourish the production and minimum pest control. Million dollars of machineries have been used by Ninamaju to improve the quality of our product. Among them, including high-tech machinery that was imported from Japan to produce the best quality rice for our valuable customer.

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